Stay Focused

Summary: Muryō pops up on your desk right in front of you.  Serving as a constant reminder of what you hope to achieve.  The front of the card breaks down your mission into tangible achievable goals and habits present at all times.

Time needed: 30 seconds

Items needed:

Pop Muryō up on your desk.

1.Your Muryō card pops up on your desk, keeping your mission, goals and habits front and center. The card is folded and sits nicely on your desk. There’s nothing else to it, this lesson is an easy one.

Jesse Friedman
Jesse Friedman

Hi, I’m Jesse the inventor of Muryō. I am a professional innovator, author, and speaker and have used the Muryō Method for years. Muryō made it possible for me to free myself from managing multiple notebooks, apps, and planners, allowing me to focus on my writing, goals and Legend. I brought Muryō to the world in hopes that my success can be your success.