Find Everything

Summary: Once you get used to cataloging your notes, journal entries, drawings, and everything else you put in your notebook, you’ll see how easy it becomes to find everything you’re looking for.

Time needed: 3 minutes

Items needed:

Insert Muryō.

1.Insert your Muryō Insert in the back of your notebook or after the page you’re looking for. Your Muryō Insert will be your legend and will turn all those scribbles on the edge of the page into markers that identify what you’ve been putting into your notebook.

Line up Muryō.

2.Line up your Muryō Insert. It’s important that you line up the Muryō Insert with either the top of your notebook or with a common artifact that exists throughout your notebook. You want to make sure your index lines up with the right items each time.

Bend back the pages of your notebook.

3. As you bend back the pages you’ll have an easier time seeing all the marks. If you’re unable to use two hands for this process then lay your book down as shown in the photo below.

Find your notes.

4.With the pages lined up with the Muryō index you can see what you’re looking for. If you fill your notebook as much as I do you’ll notice that there are several scribbles for each index. You can either go through these individually or use other scribbles to cross-reference your notes. For example, if you’re looking for meeting notes where you know a client signed a contract you might find that easier by locating both the “meetings” and “contracts” scribble. I also date the bottom left corner of every page making it easier to find what you’re looking for in reference to a time period.


Jesse Friedman
Jesse Friedman

Hi, I’m Jesse the inventor of Muryō. I am a professional innovator, author, and speaker and have used the Muryō Method for years. Muryō made it possible for me to free myself from managing multiple notebooks, apps, and planners, allowing me to focus on my writing, goals and Legend. I brought Muryō to the world in hopes that my success can be your success.