Track Your Milestones

Summary: When something awesome happens, do you have a way of tracking it and finding notes on it later? In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the milestones section of the Muryō Insert to keep tabs on the big events that happened over the month.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Items needed:

Put the date on every page.

1.On the bottom left corner of page put today’s date. Put the date on every single page of your notebook, trust me you’ll thank me later. Also if your notes end on a Thursday and resume on a Friday put 5/12 – 5/13 in the corner.

Record a milestone.

2.Make a log of your milestones. On the back of your Muryō Insert to the right of your index, you’ll see where you can record all your milestones. Jot down a concise title and the date.

Reference your milestones.

3.Looking for the notes from the meeting when your client signed the contract? Use the date of your milestone to find your notes. Flip through the pages of your notebook looking at the dates in the bottom left-hand corner. If you have a lot of notes from the same day you can cross-reference the date with your index to find the notes you’re after.


Jesse Friedman
Jesse Friedman

Hi, I’m Jesse the inventor of Muryō. I am a professional innovator, author, and speaker and have used the Muryō Method for years. Muryō made it possible for me to free myself from managing multiple notebooks, apps, and planners, allowing me to focus on my writing, goals and Legend. I brought Muryō to the world in hopes that my success can be your success.