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Summary: Do you know how much sleep you’re getting, or how many sales calls you’re making, how about how hours you’re fasting? Similarly to visualizing your mood, the bottom of your Muryō Insert gives you the ability to track pretty much anything else you want. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to monitor your sleep over time.

Time needed: 6 minutes

Items needed:

Laying out your Muryō to monitor your sleep.

1. At the bottom of your Muryō Insert you’re going to see 5 icons. The far-right icon is a full circle with a line at the bottom, this icon represents 100%, full, or complete. The far left icon represents 0%, empty, or unstarted. The three icons in the middle represent 25%, 50%, and 75% done (from left to right). Just above the 5 icons, you should write what you’re tracking, in this case, “Sleep”.

Filling in the monitor bubbles.

2.Fill in the monitor bubbles with numbers that represent the hours of sleep you’ll get each night. It’s suggested that adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, so you want to put that as your goal on the right with the opportunity to surpass that. In this case, we are going to fill the monitor bubbles, from left to right with the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Insert Muryō.

3.Insert your Muryō Insert. You know the deal by now after doing the cataloging and Mood lessons, but if you don’t just line up your Muryō Insert so that your monitor bubbles so you can see them out from under your notebook. Make sure to line up your bubbles the same way each time.

It’s also important that you use the left side of your notebook each time otherwise you may not see the scribbles over time.

Mark the edge of the page.

4.Mark your notebook at the corresponding bubble. Each day when you start writing (it doesn’t matter if you’re journaling or taking meeting notes, just make sure to do this each day), mark the bottom of the page with a scribble. If you got 7 hours of sleep last night make a mark halfway between the 6 and the 8.

Review your entries.

5.Close and lift the bottom of your notebook so you can see your entries over time. After a while you’ll be able to see how well you’re sleeping. As was the case with the Mood lesson, don’t worry too much about exactly how many nights you got 8 hours of sleep, instead generalize the results. Are most of your nights falling between the 7 and 9 range? If not maybe you should add a habit or goal to help you sleep more or better, something like “don’t look at screens after 8pm”.


Jesse Friedman
Jesse Friedman

Hi, I’m Jesse the inventor of Muryō. I am a professional innovator, author, and speaker and have used the Muryō Method for years. Muryō made it possible for me to free myself from managing multiple notebooks, apps, and planners, allowing me to focus on my writing, goals and Legend. I brought Muryō to the world in hopes that my success can be your success.